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April 13, 2005



President:              James Colgan

VP:                          Mary Gail Ford

Secretary:              Dennis Helm

Treasurer:              Irwin Cohen

Editor:                    Kei Narimatsu


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Editorial –

I have been out of town and have not had a chance to fully appreciate all of the hard work and effort that went into producing the 2006 Middle School, High School and Collegiate Judo National Championships. 


SO a belated thank you to each of you in Illinois for taking part and being a part of this National Championship.  Most of the volunteers came from Illinois except referees and one other (medical – Barb Thiessen from Wisconsin).  The National Staff came from all over the country to aid and abet our event.   Everyone did their job and in my opinion, the event was grea. 


So some thank you’s to teams and individuals where appropriate: 


The TECHNICAL STAFF:  We had a skilled technical/table staff because of the many tournaments they have done over the years – I think this is the most important part of any local staff – enough, dependable, good excellent technically competent volunteers.  Headed by Mike Tanimura, clubs from Tohkon, Gurnee and Cohen’s were the mainstays of the timers, scorekeepers and poolers.  No problems and when there was, it was taken care of efficiently and appropriately. 


The WEIGH-IN STAFF:  Brett Wolf and Menomonee headed up this area in the men’s and women’s room.  Also, in charge of the weigh-in’s was Frank Oliveri who was the referee in charge.  They did a terrific job, inspite of some minor glitches that were handled not so expertly by the chief referee – now who might that be?  Excellent job, guys. 


The REGISTRATION STAFF:  Mary Gail Ford headed up a mixed group of volunteers from several clubs within the state.  Every one quite helpful.  I was in registration most of the day and only saw “HAPPY FACES”  J


The SECURITY STAFF:  The Asian American Law Enforcement Association (AALEA) provided more that enough security to keep all the coaches and players where they were supposed to be.  Sgt Henry Spight provided other volunteers from the local area and both worked together collegially.  They were gentle giants in the midst of many Judo personalities (read egos). 


The ENTERTAINMENT:  Mike Zaklan made sure that each of the entertainment groups were taken care of from the start.  These were truly professional performances and everyone enjoyed them immensely. 

·         The Chicago Iai Tate Do Federation and Sensei Marty Cieplik

·         Kokyo Taiko of the Buddhist Temple of Chicago

·         University of Chicago Capoeira Group-Brazillian Martial Arts dance troupe

·         Joe Filisko – National Athem on the harmonica – Great rendition


The MAT SET UP CREW:  Andre Campos and the crew mainly from South Suburban did a great job in setting up the mats.  Everything was in place at the right time.  Dan Kikuchi and Mike Swain provided the mats in the right color configuration. Thanks to them, we were able to provide four regulation size tatami areas – with no danger zone.


The HOSPITALITY:  Headed up by Jean Narimatsu and Jennifer Green, they made sure that enough coffee and sweet rolls were available all day.  Would you believe they prepared the food for 150 people on each day?  OK, maybe next time. 


The VIDEOGRAPHY TEAM:  Sam Green and Chicago Tenri Judo Dojo made it happen at the last minute.  Actually, I heard that during the video taping, these volunteers were like kids in a candy store.  They could not believe the unbelievable Judo that they saw, up front and personal. 


The INDIVIDUALS:  There were many who stepped up to the plate.  Some of those have already been mentioned and some I will miss.  Please excuse me if I have failed to acknowledge you.  It was not done intentionally as many people were part of making this event a success.  The one person who I do have to mention is Jim Colgan, President of Illinois Judo.  He has been a mentor and friend to me personally and a dedicated Judo advocate for Illinois as well as USA Judo.  When something had to get done, Jim was there to whisper quietly or loudly in people’s ears to get them to the table and perform.  He has given advice and counsel to many within the Judo community and he has been generous to a fault in his hospitality for his Judo friends.  For this, we are blessed to have him as a leader and friend in Illinois. 

say this National Championship had one of the best staffed medical teams I have ever seen. 

·         Dr Robert Nishime (Bobby, to those of us who have known him since he was a youngster in Illinois), is an MD from San Jose, CA where has a private practice.  Bob is also Chairman of USA Judo’s Medical Committee.  

·         Dr Brad Lee (former Gurnee’s resident MD) flew in from Nevada where he serves as Nevada State Chief Medical Officer.  Brad is also on the Medical Committee.

·         Dr Thomas Watanabe (from Illinois) is finishing up his emergency medicine residency at Rush.  He is a Judoka whose history goes back three generations to his grandfather (Tom) and father, Ernest. 

·         Barry Henby – Fire Chief for Gurnee Police Department.  Has served Illinois Judo well over the years as our resident medical chief. 

·         Barb Theissen – from Wisconsin.  Barb is a familiar face to Judo in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  Barb also serves as the medical team at many of our events.

·         Mike Einhorn is an EMT and Judo guy from South Suburban Judo.  He is also a Judo guy that has been lost for the last 20 years.  Hopefully, this experience will get him back into Judo on a more regular basis. 

·         Trainer from San Jose State University

·         A Message therapy group from the south side of Chicago gave aid and comfort to aching muscles


The NATIONAL STAFF:  A great thanks to those who came in, some at their own expense to help us at this National Championship: 

·         Dr Ron Tripp, President of USA Judo

·         Mr Jose Rodriquez, Executive Director, USA Judo

·         Ms Sherrie Phillips, Secretary, USA Judo

·         Mr Fletcher Thornton, Chair, Standards and Certification

·         Ms Corrine Shigemoto, National Event Manager

·         Ms Nicole Jomantas, Public Relations, USA Judo

·         Ms Mary Ann Relich, USA Judo

·         Mr Eddie Liddie, National Coaching Staff, Head Instructor - Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

·         Mr Gary Norton, Chair, High School Cmte

·         Mr Chuck Jefferson, President, National Collegiate Judo Association

·         Sgt Major E. B. Mayfield, Coach Liaison

·         Mr Price Jacobs, Technical Coordinator

·         Ms Hannah Starcher, Pool Coordinator

·         Mr Bob Hill, general trooper and all around go-to guy

·         Others too numerous to name



            Chicago Tenri Judo Dojo – Kei Narimatsu

            Cohen’s Judo Club – Irwin Cohen

            Gurnee Judo Club – Tim Schultheis

            Harper College – Herb Parsons

            JJI – Hollis Barnett

            M.A.T.S. – John Gusman

            Menomonee Judo Club – Brett Wolf

            Tokhon Judo Academy – Doug Tono

            South Suburban Judo Club – Drew Wickham

            Yorkville Judo Club – Bob Corwin

If anyone was missed, it is purely unintentional.  Everyone played an important part to make this Championship as success.    


The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:  To Drew Wickham who got all this started with a vision and hope to make judo better in his area and in Illinois.  I can understand the frustrations and pain he has gone through.  Anyone who has run a National event belongs to a special club.  It is a thankless job but in the end, I believe a job well done because Illinois Judo – collectively got the job done.  No one club did it all, albeit, some clubs gave more than others.  Every club contributed so that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.  Every volunteer was mission critical.  No volunteer was minimalized.  It was the team that made it right and it was the team that I believe made this a well run National event. 


Personally, I learned that in the face of overwhelming odds, the judo volunteers of Illinois know how to run a tournament, not just any tournament, but a National Championship.  I learned that leaders came from all clubs, large and small.  I learned that effort and hard work, planning and executing, dedication and loyalty are key elements in our Judo family. 


I learned that a great National staff who cared as much as each of them did, was critical in the running of an event of this magnitude.  Working with new local organizers in each city can be difficult.  However, as each of us LOC’s get to know each of the NOC’s, things will get better and more efficient for developing and growing a JUDO presence in our communities, in our states, nationally and ultimately internationally.  Only then will our athletes gain the respect and confidence to go out in the world and be competitive on the world stage.


So, again, thanks Illinois Judo.  You did a great job and it is my hope that we can continue to work together collegially to make our state one of the best in USA Judo.  We have some work to do but we have a great start.  Let’s continue to build these bridges into a strong and vibrant Illinois Judo organization.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!


5th Annual Wolf Junior Tournament RESCHEDULED to October

Further information to be sent soon.  Please make a note of this in your calendars and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Brett Wolf. 


Carrie Chandler HEAD TRAINER at Gurnee Judo Club

Gurnee Judo Club is very excited to announce that Ms. Carrie Chandler is going to be the Head Trainer at two camps this summer, June 12 – 16 and June 19 – 23.  As you know, Carrie is an outstanding judo player/competitor and has already developed into a superb coach.  Carrie is:  ranked #1 with USA Judo, the 2006 Pan-American Champion, and the 2005 U.S. National Champion.  For further information, contact Tim Schultheis at or  See flyer above. 


O’Rourke Finishes Fifth at Birmingham World Cup

Molly O’Rourke (El Cerrito, Calif./East Bay Judo Institute/78kg) picked up her first placing in an A-Level event Sunday, finishing fifth at the Birmingham World Cup in Great Britain.


Competing in her second appearance on this season’s European Tour, O’Rourke fought a trio of British athletes, drawing a bye and then dropping her first match to Laura Haynes.


Haynes, who also finished fifth, advanced to the semi-finals, pulling O’Rourke through to the repechage where the American defeated Katrina McDonald, first scoring waza-ari (half-point) and then ippon (instant win, similar to a pin in wrestling) just over two minutes into the match.


In the bronze medal contest, O’Rourke lost by ippon to Sian Wilson.


Katie Mocco (Scotia, N.Y./Jason Morris Judo Center/NYAC/70kg) posted a first-round win against Sally Conway (GBR).


The 22-year-old U.S. Open Champion looked to have her first trip to the medal rounds as she led in her quarter-final match against eventual gold medalist Elisa Schmidtke (GER) until she got caught for ippon in the final minute.


In the repechage Mocco fought Catherine Roberge (CAN), losing by ippon.


Following a first round bye Eva Smith (Fall River, Mass./Taki-Gawa/+78kg) lost her first match to Tea Donguzashvili (RUS).  In the repechage Smith lost by ippon to Sarah Adlington (GBR).


Complete results are as follows:


Women’s 70kg

1. Elisa Schmidtke (GER)

2. Mei Kuang (CHN)

3. Silvia Schlagnitweit (AUT)

3. Elisabeth Greve (GER)

5. Natalia Kazantseva (RUS)

5. Catherine Roberge (CAN)

7. Alina Croitoru (ROM)

7. Michelle Holt (GBR)


Also Competed: Katie Mocco (Scotia, N.Y./NYAC/Jason Morris Judo Center), 1-2


Women’s 78kg

1. Vera Moskalyuk (RUS)

2. Esther San Miguel (ESP)

3. R. Pieto Madrigal (ESP)

3. Sian Wilson (GBR)

5. Laura Haynes (GBR)

5. Molly O’Rourke (El Cerrito, Calif./East Bay Judo Institute), 1-2

7. Yan Xu (CHN)

7. Katrina McDonald (GBR)


Women’s +78kg

1. Tea Donguzashvili (RUS)

2. Karina Rusbryant (GBR)

3. Song Yu (CHN)

3. Simone Challender (GBR)

5. Natalia Sokolova (RUS)

5. Ivis Alonso Duena (CUB)

7. Sarah Adlington (GBR)

7. Verena Birndorfer (GER)


Also Competed: Eva Smith (Fall River, Mass./Taki-Gawa), 0-2


Judo in the News

Olympic Dreams are a Family Affair for 2008 Olympic Hopeful Aaron Cohen


Ever since he was a kid, Aaron Cohen, dreamt of being an Olympian.  After all, his father, Irwin Cohen, was an Olympian in the sport of Judo in 1972 in Munich, Germany and his Uncle Steve Cohen competed in the sport of Judo at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.  Their sport of choice was and still is Judo…



Rousey Wins Gold at Birmingham World Cup

Ronda Rousey (Buffalo, Grove, Ill./NYAC/Cohen’s Judo/63kg) became the first U.S. woman to win a European A-Level tournament in nearly a decade when she won gold at the Birmingham World Cup in Great Britain on Saturday.


Rousey went undefeated in five matches to claim her second senior European gold medal, following a win at the B-Level Belgian Open in Arlon in February.


The 19-year-old ousted her first two opponents by ippon (instant win, similar to a knockout in boxing).


In the quarter-finals, Rousey had another meeting with Christina Marzok, the German she defeated in the semi-finals in Belgium.  Rousey scored throughout the match with two kokas (smallest points) and a yuko (quarter-point) before ultimately winning by waza-ari (half-point).


Next up for the Athens Olympian was Sara Alvarez (ESP), a three-time World Championship medalist who won her first senior European event when Rousey was just 7-years-old and has claimed nine A-Level titles since then.  Rousey defeated Alvarez in two and a half minutes with her third ippon of the day to advance to gold medal match.

In the final, Rousey threw Fanny Riaboff (FRA), a 2005 World Cup Champion at 57kg, for ippon with o uchi gari (major inner reaping, circling leg throw) , two minutes into Golden Score to become the first U.S. woman to win an A-Level event since three-time Olympian Sandra Bacher won the Budapest Bank Cup in 1997.

Rousey’s win also makes her one of only two U.S. athletes to achieve A-Level status in 2006 and is expected to move up to a top-six World Ranking next week. 


Also competing Saturday, Sayaka Matsumoto (El Cerrito, Calif./NYAC/East Bay Judo Institute) drew World bronze medalist Alina Dumitru (ROM) in the first round, losing the match by a pair of waza-aris.  Dumitru, who would later win the event, pulled Matsumoto through to the repechage where she lost by yuko to Virginie Marie (FRA).


Complete results and links to draw sheets are as follows:


Women’s 48kg

1. Alina Dumitru (ROM)

2. Natalia Samoilova (RUS)

3. Jun Xiao (CHN)

3. V. Arenas Comeron (ESP)

5. Oiano Blanco (ESP)

5. Ana Hormigo (POR)

7. Virginie Marie (FRA)

7. Leandra Freitas (POR)


Also Competed: Sayaka Matsumoto (El Cerrito, Calif./NYAC/East Bay Judo Institute), 0-2


Women’s 52kg

1. Ang Zhu (CHN)

2. Zardgo Carrascosa (ESP)

3. Joana Ramos (POR)

3. Liudmila Bogdanova (RUS)

5. Yamilka Del Valle Alvarez (CUB)

5. Rahel Walser (SUI)

7. Jodie Carter (GBR)

7. Sonia Andonegui (ESP)


Women’s 57kg

1. Yaling Yu (CHN)

2. Abrev Espinosa (CUB)

3. Maria Lindberg (SWE)

3. Yahaira Dguirre De Juan (ESP)

5. Arina Alexandrova (RUS)

5. Irene Chevreuil (FRA)

7. Maryse Guilbault (CAN)

7. Teresa Mirrado (POR)


Women’s 63kg

1. Ronda Rousey (Buffalo Grove, Ill./NYAC/Cohen’s Judo), 5-0

2. Fanny Riaboff (FRA)

3. Sarah Clark (GBR)

3. Sara Alvarez (ESP)

5. Vera Koval (RUS)

5. Andreja Cavalleri (POR)

7. Christina Marzok (GER)

7. Liubov Belskaia (RUS)






Complete coverage of these articles available at the USA Judo website.  Click on the link below and click on the What's New page to see all the recent news items.


Athlete of the Week Rousey throws judo world for a loop


Posted 4/4/2006 12:19 PM


By Beau Dure, USA TODAY

One thing to clarify about judo: The only place you're likely to see a "judo chop" is in an Austin Powers movie. In actual competitive judo, the objective is to throw the opponent. Or maintain a legal hold for many seconds. Or get your opponent in an armbar, maybe even a stranglehold, until the opponent taps out.

The U.S. isn't a traditional judo power, aside from Jimmy Pedro's world championship and two Olympic medals, but that might be changing this season. Ryan Reser won silver medals in consecutive World Cup events last month.

Ronda Rousey, the youngest U.S. judo Olympian in 2004 and a world junior champion that year, has ended a U.S. title drought dating back to her elementary school days. Rousey won five matches, four by ippon (instant win, often a throw), to win her weight class at the Birmingham (England) World Cup. The 19-year-old's gold medal is the first for a U.S. woman in an A-level European event in almost a decade, USA Judo reports.

For her efforts, Rousey is's U.S. Olympic Athlete of the Week.

USA Judo E Level Coaching Clinic to be Held at Nationals

Pat Burris, USA Judo Interim Chair of Coaching Education, will be conducting a USA Judo E Level Coaching Clinic at 7 p.m., April 20 at the Hyatt Regency, the Tournament Host Hotel for the 2006 Senior National Championships.  This two and a half hour clinic, held in conjunction with the USA Judo Development Committee, is open to all interested coaches.  Coaching candidates must have a completed Coaching Application, approved background screen and current USA Judo membership.


The fee for the clinic is $50, plus an additional $20 for the certification.  


For more information or to register for the clinic, contact Pat Burris at


Live Webcast


USA Judo Presents…Live Web Cast Schedule

Thursday April 13, 9:15 p.m. EST
Juvenile Divisions (15-16 year-olds)

Friday April 14, 7 p.m. EST
Junior Divisions (17-19 year-olds)

Colorado Springs
US Olympic Training Center
More than 15 countries competing.


$6.95 both sessions or $4.95 each session


Catch it on!






PVT Luke Jacobsen –Marines, Okinawa

LTJG Donny Newsome, Gurnee, IL

LT Nick Oldfield, Navy, Virginia – home base

Mike Preditus – no information available other than he is in the military

Please let me know other Judo families who have loved ones serving in our military:  rank, branch of service and where theyare serving.  Thanks.


Something to Think About –   

CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  This is something to think about.  All of you should be rightly proud.


Please note the following events on the horizon for Illinois and the Midwest.  Communication and download information can be gotten directly through this email by attachments or by going to  (Brett Wood Taylors Welcome Mat Judo). OR  (Jim Carmer).  Either site is a wealth of information on Judo events.  Both have more events listed than I have, so visit their sites often.  Thanks.



Apr 20-22        2006 Senior National Judo Championships & Kata & International Masters      Houston, TX

            Contact  Tournament DirectorGail Stolzenburg; 281-493-1955;


May 13            2nd Annual Buckeye Judo Tournament        Lodi, OH

            Contact Jim Starcher    330-855-4771   


May 20            NORTH-SOUTH TOURNAMENT Belleville, IL

            Contact            Quentin Thompson

                                    Eiko Shepherd    

Please note:  Hotel rooms are filling up fast.  Contact Quentin or Eiko as soon as possible if you are planning to attend. 


May 21            5th Annual Wolf Junior Tournament       Chicago, IL                 

RESCHEDULED  date to be announced soon.

        Contact Yarina Birnbaum 773-348-8641/ /Fax:773-442-1550


July 8-9            USA Junior Olympics Nationals  San Jose CA

            Contact            Corinne Shigemoto


July 15-16        USJA Junior Nationals  Boca Raton, FL



July 23 -25       USJF Junior Nationals  Ft Lauderdale, FL

            Contact            Gerry Navarro           954-435-6976


July 29-30        2006 Junior US OPEN Judo Championships            Ft Lauderdale, FL

            Contact Gerry Navarro      954-435-6976 


                Contact Mike Mooney                   


Nov 4 – 5        2nd Annual All Women’s Championships      Kalamazoo, MI

            Contact Deborah Fergus 

Nov 12          Gurnee Veteran's Day Judo Tournament            Grayslake, IL         
                Contact         Tim Schultheis  or flyer available




For more information on Life Membership in USA Judo, please contact USA Judo and click on “LIFE MEMBERSHIP”   

Nat’l       Order     Name

030          1             Henry Okamura(deceased)

041          2             Kei Narimatsu

065          3             James Colgan

122          4             Richard Fukuyama(deceased)

125          5             Joanne Barthold(deceased)

139          6             George Stanich

148          7             Mary Gail Ford

161          8             Kevin Narimatsu

162          9             Scott Narimatsu

164          10           Byung Chul Cho

167          11           Yung Kim

177          12           Kyu Yoon

181          13           John Bek

189          14           Quentin Thompson

201          15           Michiyuki Sasa

216          16           George Weers

271          17           Susan McConnell

289          18           William Jaconetti

291          19           Jean S Narimatsu

292          20           Susan Narimatsu

324          21           Timothy Tremaine

342          22           Stephen Bergren

349          23           Timothy Canty

355          24           Tim Schultheis

358          25           Bradford Lee

363          26           Frank Oliveri

364          27           Michael Ogata

370          28           Jeanette J Narimatsu

371          29           Julie K Narimatsu

374          30           Joe Kajita (CA) – originally from Illinois

378          31           Eiko Shepherd

381          32           Bill Dunning(deceased)

382          33           Yasko Odagiri

383          34           Wren Odagiri

385          35           Cary Yamanaka (MN) we can claim him because he was originally from Illinois and his kids all go to school in ILLINOIS

There are currently only 33 Life Members in Illinois.  You can start a membership for $75 minimum start payment and $25 per payment thereafter until completed.  You can pay by cash, check or credit card.  For more information, please contact   and select “LIFE MEMBERSHIP” Let’s do our share in Illinois.   Thanks. 



James Carmer

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