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Here are our Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and board meeting information: - check out our 2008 P/L and 2008 Balance Sheets to see how your club is doing!

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What is Denver Dojo all about?

Denver Dojo Inc. dba Denver Judo is a club/charitable organization training amateur athletes for national and international competitions. 

We are a not for profit group we have 501(c)(3) status with the IRS as of February 2007...

Club membership is the source of our income along with contributions from community individuals and businesses.  Your membership allows you access to the facilities for all classes. All funds received through membership and other donations go toward supporting amateur athletes training for national and international competition.

At the club members can meet with, learn from, and train with some of the finest practitioners in the sport.


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Meet the NEW board of directors of Denver Dojo Inc.
2007 Judo Forum Info
Congratulations Grace Jividen, we finally got your red and white belt in!
Link to Photos of Dutch friends workout!
Some Golden State Photos...not many judo pics
Beginners Judo Page:
2006-05-15 Club Photos
Meet the ELITE roster players at the Denver Dojo...
Grace Jividen has joined Denver Dojo for training and coaching...
Donations to Denver Dojo accepted!

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20070624 CJL State Champ photos

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Congratulations to Heidi, Djamal, Jess and Jim for bringing GOLD medals back from the 2007 USA Judo Senior Nationals in Miami... Heidi  also brought home a SILVER medal! - Grace tells it like it is! Heidi and Djamal make the 2007 USA Judo World Team!  SUPPORT - NEW
Get your OWN 2007 Judo Event Calendar so you can plan your year in JUDO!
What is Judo - Sport, Art, Action!
Southside Dojo - a great dojo in SW Michigan, USA, inspiration for Denver Dojo
Denver Dojo floating floor-- the story of designing and building the floor at Denver Dojo
USA JUDO - United States Judo Inc. the ol' USJI
USJF - United Stated Judo Federation
USJA - United States Judo Association



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